The new age online businesses and globalization continuously results in a number of international disputes. Litigating internationally across borders is complex and requires experience and expertise.

Contracts and intellectual property registrations mean nothing without the will and ability to enforce them. Our International Arbitration and Litigation team has the experience and expertise to handle international litigation on behalf of our clients.

We specialise in coordinating, managing and supervising multijurisdictional litigation and international arbitration. We help our clients in enforcing foreign judgments and arbitral awards internationally. We help our clients in determining the most favourable applicable law and resolving conflicts between the laws of multiple interested jurisdictions by selecting capable and effective foreign local counsel and engaging effective industry and foreign law experts.

International litigation and arbitration litigation can be complex. Therefore, it’s important to seek counsel with technical experience, trial skills, and industry knowledge to handle international litigation and arbitration matters.

Our goal is to exert control over the international dispute process, assess the risks and provide solutions. To effectively serve you throughout the world, we have access to a vast network of practitioners, many of whom are members and leaders of international associations such as the International Bar Association, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association.