Our services:

Human Resource Consulting:

We assist you in selecting and training CXO’s to meet the requirements of your organisation. Inducting a top-level resource is a complicated and vital decision for any organisation.  Independent and impartial evaluation can help an organisation avoid mistakes that can prove to be costly. We help you in selecting the right person, negotiating the terms and also provide induction training.

Our solutions:

Strategic Consulting:

We offer strategic consulting that will help you and thus your corporations achieve your goals. In complicated situations, we interchange our consultant hat and our trainer hat frequently to address your issues.

We offer strictly confidential, one to one consulting to assist you in handling your problems professionally. You get a guerrilla partner fighting your battles and assisting you in tricky situations in stealth mode.

Group discussion sessions for corporations:

Corporations with large number of foreigners may request us to conduct a joint session. This is a general training and helps you achieve your goals.

We are not here to just talk about cross cultural social issues. We need to go deeper and associate with your individual issues that are normally unique and have no out of the box solutions.

Management Consulting Services:

Our Management consulting services include:

1)      Mergers and Acquisitions both contract negotiation and drafting

2)      Intellectual Property rights (IPR) management

3)      International Mobility

4)      Trust planning services.

We understand the global norms and valuations better than your inside counsels and consultants. We assist you in leveraging your local expertise and expand globally. The services are unique and custom made for each deal.